Alexander Poodles - Retirees

Alexander Beach Bingo, call name Bingo:

Bingo is our new big, black stud. He will add substance and loving temperament to our breeding program with his champion pedigree.

Embark test - all clear.
All Testing is complete.

Picture of Bingo.

Bingo looking handsome in his pony clip.

Picture of Bingo.

Bingo lives with Amy. (now retired)

Alexander Gray Storm, call name Grayson:

Grayson, our young silver boy brings good looks and temperament to our breeding program.
He has Champion Pinafore bloodlines.

Embark test - all clear.
All testing completed.

Picture of Grayson.

Grayson has gone to live with Marie and Jerry. (now retired)

Alexander Silver Bullet, call name Bulay:

Bulay brings size, and a sweet disposition to our breeding program.
Bulay stands at a regal 27 inches,and has a gorgeous face.

His hips are rated OFA "good".
Embark test - all clear.
All testing is done.

Picture of Bulay.

Bulay posing on the stairs.

Picture of Bulay.

Bulay lives with Annie and Wally. (now retired)

Alexander Hi Ho Romeo, call name Romeo:

Romeo is our gorgeous silver stud.
He has a loving personality.
Romeo's hips tested OFA "good."
All testing is done.

Picture of Romeo.

Romeo, having fun in the snow.

Picture of Romeo.

Romeo lives with Tamara. (now retired)

Saratoga Sir Toga Alexander, call name Toga:

Toga is a big, black, sweet boy from Saratoga Poodles, now in Oregon, bred by Jane and Robert Demes.
He will add size, good temperament, and diversity to our breeding program.
Embark test - all clear.
Toga's hips tested OFA "good."

Picture of Toga.

Toga lives with Sayzie. (now retired)

Alexander JackPot, call name JackPot:

JackPot is one of the black studs in our breeding program.
He is our big, very black, handsome boy, standing at 28" tall. He has a very loving personality.

Picture of JackPot.

JackPot lives with Bruce and Karen. (now retired)

Alexander Hudson Ride, call name Hudson:

Hudson is another sweet boy in our breeding program.
With a blue mom, he should carry a silver gene. He is a handsome version of his beautiful father, with a loving temperament.

Picture of Hudson.

Hudson enjoying the Autumn weather.

Picture of Hudson.

Hudson lives with Ken. (now retired)

Alexander Chantilly Lace, call name Lacy:

Lacy is one of our exquisite silver girls. She loves to play fetch.
Her hips are rated "excellent."
All testing is done.

Picture of Lacy.

Lacy lives with Maggie.

Retired from breeding

Alexander SugarPop, call name SugarPop:

SugarPop is sweet and fun-loving, and will play with any puppy or person who is willing.
SugarPop's hips are rated "good." She has produced a black daughter with excellent hips.
All testing is done.

Picture of SugarPop.

SugarPop during a quiet moment.

Retired from breeding

Cabryn Night Rider Alexander, call name Rider:

Rider is our black stud. He produces beautiful puppies with great temperaments.
Rider's hips tested OFA "good."
All testing is done.

Picture of Rider.

Rider lives with Tara.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Neon Lights, call name Echo:

Introducing our new silver stud, Neon's son Echo. A credit to his father's line, Echo will proudly carry on the tradition of siring beautiful silver standard puppies with great temperaments.
Echo's hips tested OFA "excellent."
All testing done.

Picture of Echo.

Echo lives with Noreen.

Retired from breeding

Sanvar's Spirit of Alexander, call name Spirit:

Spirit is our pretty, black girl from Canada.
She has a "Star Puppy" title from her beginners obedience class.

Picture of Spirit.


Retired from breeding

Alexander Chanel, call name Chanel:

Chanel is our big (60 lb), beautiful, blue girl with a super temperament.
Chanel's hips are rated OFA "good."

Picture of Chanel.

Chanel lives with Carol.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Magic Ride, call name Magic:

Magic, one of our very pretty black girls stands at 23 inches tall.

Picture of Magic relaxing with friends.

Magic relaxing with her friends Keepsake, and Sugar Pop.

Picture of Magic.

Magic lives with Terri.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Mystery, call name Ter'ri:

Ter'ri is our beautiful blue (dark gray) female. She is one of our big girls, standing at 26 inches.
Mystery's hips are rated "good."

Picture of Mystery.

Mystery with some Spring flowers.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Viva Las Vegas, call name Viva:

Viva is Vegas's beautiful and playful daughter.

Picture of Viva in a playful mood.

Viva lives with Rich and Joan.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Keepsake, call name Keepsake:

Keepsake, Meriah's regal daughter knows she is destined to carry on her line of fine, even temperament and gorgeous stature. She is one of our large silver girls, standing at 25 inches and weighing 60 pounds.
Keepsake's hips are rated "excellent."

Picture of Keepsake.

Keepsake, Meriah's lovely daughter.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Spring Ride, call name Spring:

Spring is a beautiful black female who loves to play. She is 24 inches tall.

Picture of Spring.

Spring lives with Diane.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Passion, call name Gracie:

Gracie is our gorgeous, refined silver girl (23 inches tall) who loves to play ball.
Gracie's hips are rated "excellent."

Picture of Gracie.

Gracie lives with Lyvia and Dennis.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Jewel, call name Tessa:

Tessa is Keepsake's and Romeo's beautiful daughter.

Picture of Tessa.

Tessa lives with Sherry.

Retired from breeding

Alexander High Roller, call name Vegas:

Vegas, was one of our black studs.
Vegas's hips tested OFA "good."
All testing done.

Picture of Vegas.


Retired from breeding

Jateko City Lights Alexander, CGC
call name Neon:

Introducing our big silver stud, Neon, acquired from Jateko Poodles in Pennsylvania. At 28 inches, he will put size, beauty, and wonderful temperament into our silver line of poodles.
Neon received his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification in the Summer of 2007. He is working toward his Therapy Dog certification.
Neon now lives with Joann in California.
Neon's hips tested OFA "excellent."
All testing done.

Picture of Neon.


Retired from breeding

Alexander Sterling and Diamonds, call name Raina:

We are very proud of Raina, our new Therapy dog. She got her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification and her Therapy Dog certification at 7 months old! She has already done some therapy work at a local VA hospital.

Her cheerful, friendly personality makes our silver Raina a welcome addtion to our poodle family.

Picture of Raina relaxing; something she does very well.

Raina in a typical pose.

Picture of Raina

Look what I did, Ma!

Retired from breeding

Alexander Eternity, call name Tia:

Tia is Meriah's gorgeous daughter who produced beautiful puppies, including champagnes.

Picture of Tia.

Tia, another of Meriah's lovely daughters.

Retired from breeding

Alexander Mesmerize, call name Meriah:

Meriah, sired by Champion Jateko Remington Steele is our certified therapy poodle. Her charming personality has been a big help in her therapy work which she does at local nursing homes and the VA Hospital. Good manners and obedience got her the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award.

We have kept one of Meriah's daughters, Alexander Eternity, call name Tia, as a new addition to our breeding program.

Our elegant silver poodles are smaller and more refined than our blacks.They will range from 32- 50 pounds at maturity, males maturing bigger.

Silver puppies are born black but lighten to silver as they mature. At eight weeks, only the faces are silver. Transition to the adult silver color will be complete by two years old.

Picture of Alexander Mesmerize


Retired from breeding

Alexander Kao, call name Kao:

Kao, is Calypso's beautiful black daughter.

Kao admiring her puppies.


Retired from breeding

Alexander Silver Casino, call name Casino:

Casino is our exquisite light silver stud. He is 45 pounds and stands 23" at the shoulder. Even though Casino is small, he has a royal father and sires puppies considerably larger than himself. He produced winter white, champagne (blond), and rare silver/blue puppies with sweet and happy temperaments.

Picture of Casino

Casino posing proudly.

Picture of Alexander Silver Casino


Retired from breeding

Alexander Calypso, call name Calypso:

Calypso has left his son, Chance in charge of his breeding duties at Alexander Kennels. He has flown to California to join the breeding program at Guiding Eyes of the Desert, International, who have successfully started using standard poodles as guide dogs. We hope, in the future to see some of Calypso's children working as guide dogs.

Picture of Calypso

Calypso enjoying our fine Fall weather.

Picture of adult male Calypso


Alexander First Chance, call name Chance:

Chance, our new black royal stud has replaced his father, Calypso in our breeding program. His first beautiful litter arrived in June.

Picture of Chance at three months old.

Chance at three months old

Picture of Chance as a young adult.

Chance as a young adult

Retired from breeding and living with Doug and Joanne in California

Alexander Star's Legacy, call name Legacy:

Legacy, our silver blue bitch is sired by CH. Landmark Country Spellbound. Her dam is Signature Silver Star is Born. She has a happy, charming personality and loves to greet visitors. Her wonderful personality and great conformation appears in all her puppies.

She is one of our foundation bitches, and as such is the mother of three of our brood bitches: Meriah (silver daughter seen below), Kayla (black daughter), and Vega (another silver daughter).

We have also added Alexander's Eternity, call name Tia to our breeding program. She is one of Legacy's exquisite silver granddaughters who was born earlier this year.

Picture of Legacy, this litter's mother

Legacy is

Retired from breeding

Alexander's Classic Dream, call name Classic:

Classic is a pretty white bitch, who produces black , brown and white puppies. Maderia, her beautiful black daughter, and Flower, her gorgeous chocolate brown daugher can both be seen below with some of her grandchildren.

Classic is sired by Champion Cara Vae Faces in the Night. Her hips are rated excellent by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA).

Picture of Alexander's Classic Dream

Classic is

Retired from breeding

Alexander's Edge of Glory call name Madeira:

Maderia is Classic’s three year old black daughter. She is sired by Champion Martaux Cutting Edge. She produces beautiful, sound puppies with sweet personalities. One is pictured below.

Picture of puppy from Madeira's and Calypso's litter

One of Madeira's and
Calypso's little boys
taking a break.

Picture of Madeira


Retired from breeding

Alexander's Destiny, call name Destiny:

Destiny is our black, royal (27") female. She is the granddaughter of our first Champion, CH. Alexander the Greatest II, AKA Zanzibar, son of Am. Can. CH. Wycliffe Fitzherbert. Her temperament is sweet and easy-going.

Picture of Alexander's Destiny

Destiny is

Retired from breeding

Alexander's Desert Flower call name Flower:

Flower is the beautiful chocolate brown daughter of Classic and Otto (Alexander Otto Moto Poeia). She produces beautiful black, brown and the most gorgeous champagne puppies. Jazz, Flower's daughter can be seen below.

Picture of Flower with two of her puppies

Flower relaxes with
two of her puppies.

Picture of Flower, this litter's mother

Flower is

Retired from breeding

Alexander's Summer Jazz call name Jazz:

Alexander Summer Jazz is our only chocolate female and is carrying on for her mother Flower (see above) who is retired.
Picture of Joan Alexander 
        with Flower's Daughter, Jazz

Joan with Jazz,
one of Flower's daughters.

Alexander's Chassé call name Shay:

Alexander Chassé is our young black Royal (27") brood bitch. She has replaced her mother, Destiny. Calypso, our Royal stud is Shay's sire. Calypso is now in the breeding program for Guide Dogs of the Desert, California.

Shay relaxes under the tree.

Shay relaxes under the tree

Picture of Chassé


Retired from breeding

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